Plastep is a trusted partner of many top-tier companies in Finland. We manage the whole plastic production process, from design to delivery, which eliminates middlemen and speeds up production. We make things happen and provide comprehensive services flexibly!

Our service model Plast-Eezy reshapes plastic manufacturing as it combines designing, mould manufacturing and injection moulding. This 3-in-1 method makes purchasing easy and transparent and allows you to focus on what is essential. By managing every stage of the plastic manufacturing process we can ensure that our customers receive the right kind of end product.

Regardless of the product development phase you are in, request an offer from us!



Our services include designing and consultation of plastic manufacturing. Do you have a finished plan or is your idea or draft still in the planning stages? You can utilise our experts in the design process! They can design the products taking the requirements of injection moulding into consideration. Additionally, we provide information on plastic manufacturing, for example materials and production costs.



We design and manufacture high-quality moulds that work just as you intended. In production we currently use thermoplastics and elastomers. We utilise 600 tonnes of machinery and constantly update our equipment. Our equipment enables the production of a wide range of injection moulding products of varying shapes and sizes. In addition, we take care of post-processing services. We provide ultrasonic sealing, siliconizing and assembly services, for example. Ask us about other possibilities!



Naturally, we deliver the finished products to your desired address at the agreed time.


As our partner, you will no longer need to manage a large group of subcontractors as we can provide everything related to the manufacturing of injection moulding products. Request an offer and challenge us!